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Registration is almost full for our 2022 STQRY Summit
Virtual | March 7-11, 2022
STQRY is collaborating with global industry leaders spanning 3 continents to bring you the 2022 STQRY Summit, uncovering the secrets of leveraging practical, impactful, innovative digital solutions for your organization in this new era. This FREE week-long webinar series features topics across museum accessibility, AR/VR, tourism’s digital transformation, content creation, multimedia storytelling, education and digital experience marketing.
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The US Forest Service & Parks Canada Join Our 2022 STQRY Summit

We are excited to announce that the US Forest Service and Parks Canada have signed on to present at this year's 2022 STQRY Summit.


With hundreds of millions of visitors per year these organizations are learning how to educate in an increasingly digital world. During this session, the US Forest Service and Parks Canada will discuss how they are reinventing their traditional forms of outdoor interpretation with their STQRY app experiences to improve conservation, education, safety, wayfinding and more.


This session will be pre-recorded and available on-demand starting March 7, 2022

Meet the Presenter: Alex Dykman, CEO & Founder of Maverick Digital

STQRY is excited to welcome Alex Dykman, CEO & Founder of Maverick Digital, to present COVID’s impact on the digital transformation of tourism at our 2022 STQRY Summit. Recently, we interviewed Alex about her journey in the travel industry, and what we can expect to hear in her webinar session – Digital Transformation and the Endemic Traveler.


This session will go live March 10, 2022 @ 4pm EST

The new endemic traveler will look very different from the past. They will be using technology in different ways, have different preferences and expectations around booking, cancellation policies, customer service, and connectedness.”


Alex Dykman, CEO & Founder of Maverick Digital

Meet the Presenter: E. Renée Ingram, African American Heritage Preservation Foundation & Ran Yan, Lewis Latimer House Museum

Preservation through education is one of the most desired topics in the upcoming 2022 STQRY Summit. We interviewed presenter Renée Ingram, President & Founder of African American Heritage Preservation Foundation (AAHPF), and Ran Yan, Executive Director of Lewis Latimer House Museum, regarding their experience in leveraging digital technology for preserving historical sites, and what we can expect in their panel discussion.


This session will go live March 8, 2022 @ 2pm EST

When reviewing the Lewis Latimer House Museum, we found such rich history about the site. It is a fine example of utilizing the free mobile app to create different ways of learning African American history and the contributions of African Americans"

Ran Yan, Executive Director, Lewis Latimer House Museum

Meet the STQRY Team: Thomas Dunne, Founder, CEO & President

STQRY has been instrumental in transforming the culture and tourism industry during this time of unprecedented change. We interviewed Thomas Dunne, STQRY CEO & President to reveal his secret sauce in leading a successful SaaS company, and his unique approach to life as an entrepreneur in this modern age, as well as things he enjoys doing while he's not at work!

In the early days, there was a lot of persuasion involved. Having a team that strongly believes in your vision and the customers who see the value of your product is the key to success."

Thomas Dunne, CEO & President of STQRY

Apps Gone Live: December
During the month of December, we had wonderful apps go live offering tours to help enhance the experience surrounding certain destinations. We even had an app created by students between the ages of 9 and 12!
Read about some highlights in our recent blog post.
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