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Registration is now open for our 2022 STQRY Summit
Virtual | March 7-11, 2022
STQRY is collaborating with global industry leaders spanning 3 continents to bring you the 2022 STQRY Summit, uncovering the secrets of leveraging practical, impactful, innovative digital solutions for your organization in this new era. This FREE week-long webinar series features topics across museum accessibility, AR/VR, tourism’s digital transformation, content creation, multimedia storytelling, education and digital experience marketing.
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The STQRY Summit is a perfect space to network and gain insights on all aspects of accessibility and digital transformation. Limited seats available, so register to save your spot today.


This series is open to everyone!

Our End of Year Deal - Pay Half Now, Half Later

Sign up for a STQRY App by the end of 2021 to pay half the setup fee now and the other half when your app goes live.

What is a setup fee?
The STQRY setup fee is a one-time fee that enables our team to build your iOS
or Android app and publish it to app stores.


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Resilience of the Museum Industry Promises Strong Post-COVID Recovery

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented extraordinary challenges to the museum industry, there is hope on the horizon. In conversation with Jennifer Thomas, Director of the Virginia Association of Museums, we consider the monumental cultural and societal shifts since the beginning of the 21st century.

“Museums are nothing if not resilient and persistent,” said Thomas. “They have a story to tell and they want to tell it, so every time this happens – the financial crises or COVID in this case – museums have had to adapt, hunker down, and reinvent themselves, and they’re really good at doing that.”


Jennifer Thomas, Director of the Virginia Association of Museum

Your Insiders' Guide to STQRY: Mobile Tour Guide Apps and Digital Collections

If you don’t yet have a mobile tour guide app or digital collections, you might be missing out on important ways to improve the visitor experience and further your organization’s mission. STQRY helps you build these digital resources with no coding whatsoever and in this guide, we walk you through everything you can do with our platform.

Apps Gone Live: October  
In October, we released some amazing apps. Read our latest blog to stay up to date with the newest “Apps Gone Live” featuring everything from self-guided tours across the world to interactive companion apps for destinations and much more!
Read about some highlights in our recent blog post.
Additional Services

Are you looking to publish an app but need help with content? Or do you lack the bandwidth to upload content and design your experience? Our additional services range from translation services to build services. 



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