BREAKING NEWS: STQRY Launches First Ever User Conference
August Newsletter
Stay tuned!
We are officially launching our first ever STQRY User Conference set to take place early next year. This virtual user conference will include sessions both live and on-demand featuring speakers from various industries, such as museums, tour operators, parks/forests, marketing, content creators, and more! 
Case Study: Revs Institute®

After realizing the power and potential reach of an app that would make the collections accessible on a digital platform, Revs Institute decided to enlist STQRY to help build it. The app has allowed automotive connoisseurs all over the world to access and explore the collection, thus facilitating the expansion of Revs Institute further into the world of digital experiences.

Revs Institute has been able to utilize the app to connect with new audiences on their mobile device to further support our mission. The mobile app has also enabled us to further fulfill our educational goals, providing tours and content for university and college students.


Lindsay Mancuso, Special Collections Coordinator for Revs Institute

How to Create a Location-based Tour Guide App

Creating a location-based tour guide can take a few short weeks or months if you’re using the right technology. The most time-consuming part shouldn’t be the tech set up, but rather content creation. Here’s how to create an app with geo-tagging or bluetooth beacons that will detect your visitors’ location to create a seamless interactive experience. 

Case Study: WWWalks

Preserve WWWalks is revolutionizing the green tourism industry, offering sustainable solutions and alternatives to traditionally wasteful travel practices. Founded by British/Danish author and tour guide Heather Gartside, WWWalks creates sustainable tours around the city of Copenhagen and nearby rural eco-friendly destinations in Denmark.


Step into the green future of travel with this one of a kind case study and learn how Gartside is accomplishing her mission of creating a more sustainable travel industry!

Hundreds of cruise ships on the horizon with sometimes 5,000 passengers per ship disembarking, and airlines jetting people from every corner of the world, sometimes for just a day or two.....All this with an infrastructure which simply couldn’t cope with the volume.


Heather Gartside, CEO and Founder of WWWalks

Creating a Script of Your Tour

As a tour operator, you know your crowd. You have your script timed and perfectly recorded in your mind. But, if you are ready to expand and add more tour guides or start using an app–how do you create a tour script?


In this new post, we walk you through some creative ways to help you write that script!

Opening Developer Accounts

We are looking forward to launching your digital experience!


There are a few things we'll need you to do before we can publish your app. Part of that process requires you to open a developer account with Apple and Google. Read our step by step instructions.

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