Learn how to level-up your content and enhance your marketing strategy!
June Newsletter
STQRY Spotlight
Have you registered for the Association of African American Museums's 2021 virtual conference: Sun. Soul. Soil.? For the second year in a row STQRY is sponsoring AAAM's annual event being held August 4-6. Register to save your spot and see our session on digital experiences and cultural organizations. 
Level-Up Your App Content With Interactive QR Codes

QR codes are having a major revival across all industries, and especially within the website application sector. They provide quick access to targeted content, and they are easy to generate on the backend by the app builder.


Learn how to integrate QR codes into your app to level up your content!

STQRY Feature Spotlight: Geofencing

Did you know that you can integrate location-specific content into your STQRY app? With geofencing and bluetooth beacons or GPS, you can create a unique, tailored content experience for your visitors that is determined by their location within your site.


There are various types of geofencing models that will make your app more interactive and enhance the user experience. Read the full article up on our blog and watch as STQRY CPO, Glen Barnes demos the geo-fencing feature!

Digital experiences can completely change a customer journey for the better, but one common mistake we often see is a lack of marketing. I always tell organizations: the steps you take to tell visitors about your digital experience are just as important as the steps you took to create it.


- Genevieve Hauck, Marketing Communications Manager, STQRY

Still have questions about marketing your app?

Once your mobile app is launched, you just need to make sure people know about it. Marketing and strategic promotion are key. Here are some tips to help you successfully increase awareness and encourage usage.


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Apps Gone Live: May

Throughout the month of May we had the pleasure of launching apps for a range of events and attractions, including galas, historic communities and museums. 
Read about some highlights in our recent blog post. 
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Are you looking to publish an app but need help with content? Or do you lack the bandwidth to upload content and design your experience? Our additional services range from translation services to build services. Contact us for a quote!
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